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Bibs drying on a washing line

Smelly Kit

If you don't take care of you pads, helmets and bibs after skating sessions then you'll probably start to notice a bit of a stink. This isn't pleasant and it's due do a build up of nasty bacteria so it's best to prevent it before it becomes a problem.

Fortunately this can be done for free thanks to the massive sanitiser in the sky 🌞. The UV light from the sun is a natural sanitiser and a great way prevent the build up of bacteria so hang your kit outside after every skating session. If possible keep it outside bringing it in the night before your next skating session to dry it off if it's been raining.

If this isn't possible due to where you live then another great way to prevent the build up of bacteria is a few sprays of Hockey Safe pictured above.

Puck Stop stock Hockey Safe in the UK so click here if you'd like to order some. It's very popular and sells out quickly so if it's not in stock contact them and they'll order it in for you.