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Remember S.L.A.P. when Skating

Skater and cyclist racing from Beancross Hotel Restaurant, Polmont

Skate Safe

  • Control your speed
  • Master the basics - moving, stopping and turning
  • Check your equipment before starting

Skate Legal

  • Obey all shared path regulations.
  • Know your legal obligations when wheeling
  • Consider taking out insurance
  • Obey the Highway Code when on public roads

Skate Alert

  • Listen out for bells and calls from others behind
  • Scan ahead for obstacles and trip hazards
  • Don't skate when tired or after taking alcohol
  • Look out for dogs, children and other path users

Skate Polite

  • Stay on the left pass on the right - announce your intentions by saying, “Passing on your right!”
  • Always leave the distance definded by current guidance when in groups or passing others
  • Don't spit! This can be transferred by wheels to other objects and hands
  • Only arrange to meet in public places, don't use private premises unless you have prior permission

We consider these to be the basics when skating outdoors. We would also recommend knowing everyone's ability and planning the route accordingly beforehand, carrying a first aid kit, tools and spare parts. Prepare for all eventualities to prevent a long walk back or a trip to A&E.