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Picture of a sports hall floor

Your Floor

The first thing we are usually asked is "Will skating mark our floor?". The answer is no, all our skates have polyurethane wheels which can be used on most floors and are non-marking. There's little friction between the wheels and the floor as the wheel rotates unlike the harsh pounding from the sole of a training shoe.

We're involved with many local authorities and other organisations around the country and organise hundreds of skating events each year. We skate on many different surfaces including industrial vinyl, sports courts and a variety of wooden floors. If our skates marked floors we would never be asked back and would almost certainly not still be around today.

Still unsure? Why not ask along to allow us to demonstrate a variety of skates on your floor and prove they do not leave any marks?

Really really unsure? Then click here for a statement from Junckers (paragraph five) about inline skating and inline hockey on their flooring.