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Inline and quad skates

Inlines or Quads

People starting skating or returning after a long break often believe that the wider base of quad skates will provide more stability resulting in less falls. The opposite is actually true as the wheels are mounted on a short plate with the rear wheels being located exactly on the tipping point of the skate, directly under the heel. This can result in backward falls if the skater leans too far back. The extra width of quad skates can make it easier to clip the inside wheels resulting in stumbles and falls when learning.

Inline skates have high ankles for extra support and stability plus almost all inline skates have a heel brake fitted as standard which makes stopping very easy for beginners. Most quad skates have toe stops fitted to the front of the boot which requires the skater to be travelling backwards to use them correctly, this often isn't easily achievable by beginner skaters.

Inline skates also have longer frames extending past the toes and heels. This makes them much more stable and less likely to cause backward falls plus the narrow wheels can't be clipped like quad skates.

For any schools or community groups thinking of buying their own skates then maintenance and safety checks should be considered too. All skates have wheels containing bearings and spacers that can fail. With inline skates these are the only moving parts but quad skates also have trucks, bushes and pivot cups that can work loose or fail so this should be considered too as skate maintenance is essential for safety and can be time consuming.

Inline skates have large diameter wheels which makes them much more suitable for skating outdoors as they can easily roll over obsticles like stones and twigs allowing us to run our sessions outdoors in playgrounds and on cycle paths.

It's a personal choice but we always recommend inline skates for anyone starting skating or returning after not having skated for years.