Roller skating and rollerblading in Central Scotland.
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Photo of an impressive looking jump on skates from a wall in front of the Kelpies in Falkirk

Welcome to Falkirk Wheelers

Picture of our member Stewart on a bike at Fife Cycle Park.


Who are we?

Falkirk Wheelers is Scotland's only group dedicated to all things wheeled. We're fans of roller skating, cycling, rollerblading, scooting, skateboarding and anything else human powered. If it can be done on wheels, we'll do it! We roll around Central Scotland cycle network for our outdoor sessions and hold adult roller skating sessions indoors too.

Founding members Gregor and Craig ice skating on a frozen flood at Denny Cemetery in the 1980s.


How long have we been around?

We were officially founded in January 2013 by some friends with common interests, mainly, in skating and cycling and things have gone from strength to strength since. We are run by a small group of regulars who dedicate their free time to keep things rolling for everyone.

Photo of our group having a race on inline skates and a bike from beancross restaurant to our meeting place at Falkirk Football Stadium.


Where do you meet?

During July and August we meet up on Friday evenings at Falkirk Stadium. All human powered wheels are welcome and all ages welcome although children must be acompanied by a relative or guardian who is over 18. The rest of the year we hold adult indoor rollerskating sessions in Denny Sports Centre.

Picture on an old strap on roller skate that most of us had as children.


Do you offer skating lessons?

We can provide one to one or small group lessons around Falkirk. If you're interested in rollerblading or roller skating lessons whether you're a complete beginner or more experienced skater looking to improve particular skills then feel free to contact us with your requirements and we'll put you in touch with a qualified BRSF or ICP instructor.

Luisa plaing inline hockey at mixed scrims in Dundee Roller Hockey Rink baseed at Manhattan Works


Non-contact Roller Hockey

We play non-contact (even no wall contact) roller hockey weekly. Anyone interested in joining must have come along regularly to our Friday sessions to allow us to assess their minimum skills and ability to work as a good team player. We use a light puck which is kept low so that players can wear normal skating pads and helmets to keep the cost down without having to invest in heavy duty roller/ice hockey gear.

Social Aims

Our group are socially aware - any indoor sessions are held in community centres and halls to do what we can for our community. In addition, we've raised a lot of money for various charitable causes over the years including UNICEF, Canine Partners, Deaf Blind Scotland, the Forth Hedgehog Hospital and recently Seamab at The Great Scottish Skate 2019.

News - April 2020

Coronavirus Update. We have no indoor sessions at the moment due to all the sports halls being closed to prevent the spread of the virus. We will monitor the situation and when permitted will arrange to skate outdoors taking recommended precautions and following offical advice from the UK Government and NHS websites.

Stay Safe

Participation at all of our events is entirely at your own risk. You should be aware that cuts and injuries can result from falls, collisions or contact with others. Injuries can be avoided or minimised if you take certain precautions and wear appropriate good fitting safety equipment. We can loan you safety equipment for a small cost if you contact us in advance.

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Falkirk meeting place for outdoor sessions & lessons.

4 Stadium Way, Grangemouth, Falkirk FK2 9EE.

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